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Picking the best online casino is extremely important. You need to look at so many factors, and we’re here to help you out with that. This guide will help you understand what to look for, top online casinos and other significant information.

What can you learn from our casino guides? 

There’s a lot you can learn from casino guides, and we thought we’d show you what you’re going to learn from this one and the rest of our online casino guides for the Ontario market. 

  1. Casino terminology
  2. Tips and tricks to improve your game
  3. The best ways to manage your bankroll
  4. How RNG works
  5. What is House edge
  6. How to find High roller casinos
  7. Account management
  8. How important is the casino license?
  9. High Payout Casinos
  10. Blacklisted Casinos in Ontario

1. Learn the proper casino terminology 

Ok, first thing’s first. You need to know the right terminology. If you come across a term during a game, and you have no idea what that means, your chances of winning will start dwindling. So, when you read our reviews and guides, start absorbing that terminology!

2. Tips and Tricks to improve your casino experience 

A casino experience can play out in different ways. Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can prove to be transformative.

  1. Read our reviews

This may seem pretty obvious, but we have to say it. Read our reviews and keep them bookmarked so that when we add more information, you’ll know. Our reviews include all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. 

  1. Watch streamers play

We understand that some of you may be visual learners and may want to be entertained, so we recommend watching a few streamers play. Look up a few of them and see who you like best.

  1. Read on game rules and strategies

Whether you decide to play slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, or anything else, the first two things you should look for are the rules and strategies behind your preferred game. Learning these will determine the outcome of your online gaming experience.

  1. Practice playing for free

There exists such a thing as demo mode. We’d say this is a gift from game providers and online casinos. Why? Playing for free allows you to practice as much as you’d like to improve your skills and learn the dos and don’ts of a game.

3.  Learn how to manage your bankroll 

Know your limits. Make sure you utilize all the responsible gaming tools that your preferred Ontario online casino offers. These limits can be changed, but try to stick to something that is manageable for you. Read more about how you can be responsible while playing here.

When playing slots, another way to manage your bankroll, is to stick to low volatility slots, instead of high volatility slots.

4. How does RNG work? 

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, makes sure that every game that is played at your online casino, has a fair outcome. The algorithm behind the system generates images and numbers that determine the outcome. Remember that most online casino games are RNG games unless they are live casino games, and they depend on algorithms to ensure a safe environment for players. 

5. Find how House edge affects your game

The house edge, or sometimes called the casino advantage, will always affect your game. Every game you find will give a certain percentage of your bet to the online casino. You’ll know how much this impacts your game by knowing exactly how much the online casino will take back. 

6. Discover the High roller casinos 

High Roller casinos, sometimes called High Limit casinos, are online casinos better suited for players who have a larger bankroll and consistently bet large amounts of money. These online casinos would be home to several high volatility games and other high limit casino games.

7. Tips to managing your casino account 

Read the terms and conditions of your Ontario online casino, learn about the payment methods available and set up your limits! If you do these things, managing your account should not be difficult. 

8. Casino Licences explained

Never play at an Ontario online casino that does not have the IGO or AGCO seal on their homepage. For an online casino to be fully compliant and safe for Ontario players. Find out more about casino licences on our Info Page.

9. Discover which casinos pay out the most 

High Payout Casinos are the answer to your prayers if you’re confused as to which Ontario online casino you should try out. Well, the higher they payout, the better for you, right? Right. Try out a few of these casinos to discover what you enjoy the most.

10. Blacklisted casinos 

These are the hugest DON’T in the regulated market. All the Ontario online casinos we write about on this site are all legalized and regulated by the AGCO and IGO. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online casinos are regulated and legalized by the AGCO and IGO.
We recommend looking at payment methods, game selection, terms and conditions, and what payouts they have.
This depends on several factors. Check out our casino reviews page to find out which casino is the best.
All online casinos that are mentioned on this site are to be trusted. Each online casino has their own way of protecting their players.
Yes, you can. Most online casinos have to option to play their games in demo mode as well.
If a casino is blacklisted, we will remove it from our site immediately. If you don't find the review anymore, then it's blacklisted.
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Kayleigh is a casino content writer for the Canadian market. Before working on this market, Kayleigh was writing for the general US market and further specialised in the Pennsylvania market. Now, she brings her knowledge and experience to the Ontario market! She’s been working as a writing professional for the last decade, and she’s dedicated to bringing you practical tips, right at your fingertips.

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