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Best 7 Live Craps casinos

Before we start off with anything else about Live Craps, we thought it would be better if we could just show you where to find the best Live Craps in Ontario.

This is a list of the licenced and regulated Ontario online casinos we recommend. Don’t worry; there’s nothing dicey about them.

Royal Panda

What makes a live casino the best

Although we just gave you a list of the best Ontario online casinos, we think you should learn what makes a live casino the best for you. After all, you may want to play at another online casino that’s not on the list (yet!). So, here you go.

Different variants available

Having different variants of a live casino game is important, especially because of the RTP. Different variants usually have different RTP rates, meaning one may be better suited for you than another. 

Here’s the thing, though. Live Craps doesn’t have a lot of variants. In fact, whenever you look for Live Craps in the live casino section at almost any online casino, this would be the only results Live Craps. So far, this is what’s available. We hope to see more in the future.

Overall good payouts ratio 

When looking at a live casino, check out the overall payout ratio to see whether or not they make the list of best payout casinos. If you choose an online casino with a good payout ratio, you’ll probably have a better chance of improving your chances of winning.

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What is a Live dealer craps game?

A Live dealer craps game is a version of the Craps that can be found in the live casino section of your preferred online casino. Instead of playing against a computer, once you press play, you will be transported to a live studio where a live dealer will greet you. 

Differences between Live dealer craps and Online Craps

The differences between live dealer craps and online craps are very similar to other table games and their live counterparts. 

Playing Live Craps is way more sociable than its Random Number Generators (RNG) version. Why? Well, it’s the reason we mentioned above. The game is played in a live studio, and it is led by an actual live dealer rather than a computer.

Craps Live New Design Image

It doesn’t stop there! The social aspect also extends to the live chat section that’s present on your screen. Here, you can communicate with other players who are in the game from the comfort of your own home, making the experience all that more enjoyable. 

The bets you place during Live Craps are also different, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with them as much as you can. They are also slightly higher meaning you have to plan for them. Remember to manage your bankroll well for this one!

Exclusive features for live craps games 

It wouldn’t make sense if Live Craps games had no exclusive features right? Otherwise you could just play an RNG craps game. Luckily, live craps games do have unique and exclusive features that make your online gaming experience all that better.

Mechanical shooters

Mechanical shooters are what replace the usual human shooter in the game. This was created to ensure the game goes smoothly and, most of all, fairly. 

This exclusive feature was designed and developed by Evolution in order always to provide a different experience every time it’s used. The mechanical arm shooter uses different strengths and speeds to simulate a human shooter.

Live Chat with other players

We’ve already spoken about the live chat feature, but let’s be honest, it’s so good; it deserves more of our and your attention. Using the live chat feature gives you the experience and feel of being in a land-based casino and communicating with other players

Now whatever the reason you’ve decided to play at home is, you can always connect with others. You don’t always have to play alone

How to play Live craps?

Evolution craps dice ontario

Craps has been a long-time favourite at the casinos for a very long time and over the years, the game has been perfected into something special. In this section, we’re going to got through a summary of the basic rules and some top live craps strategies. 

Basic rules summary

Live Craps is the live casino version of the popular dice game, Craps. To play the game, you need to bet on the two rolling dice’s outcome. Simply put, there are two types of dice rolls that occur during gameplay: The Come Out Roll and The Point Roll

While you’re playing, you can bet a One Roll bet which are bets that are made on one number or a combination of numbers and as the name suggests, the bet will only last for that specific bet.

Moving on to Multi Roll bets, these are bets that last through the game until they are fulfilled or settled. This type of bet cannot be made during any point of the game, in fact, it depends on the type of roll that’s occurring. 

Live craps strategies

Strategies are what determine the outcome of your game. The better your strategy is, the better your game may turn out to be. This depends on how much you know your strategy, so if you don’t, we recommend that you get acquainted with it quickly. If you don’t know which strategy would work best, here are a couple of suggestions.

Iron Cross Strategy

The Iron Cross strategy is meant to help players win every time they roll except for when the number that’s rolled, is a seven. It covers every number during the field bet,  Don’t Pass, the Five, the Six and the Eight.

Pass or Don’t Pass Strategy

With this strategy, you need to begin your turn by betting using Pass or Don’t Pass. Bet using the table’s minimum bet so that your game lasts longer. After the point is set, move on to betting a larger amount using a free odds bet.

Advanced Live Craps tips – beat the shooter

Evolution Craps table ontario

To give you an edge over other players in your game, we want to share a few advanced tips. 

Utilize The Don’t Pass

When your live craps game is pretty full, using the Don’t Pass may make you look like the villain on your table because, let’s be honest, who likes to lose? Don’t Pass usually has a low house edge of only 1.36%, making it ideal to use. 

Avoid Single Roll Bets

While these bets quench your need to win, they only do it for a quick moment. The payout for single roll bets isn’t always that great, so your time may be better spent focusing on multi roll bets with bigger amounts.

Play At A Live Casino You Trust

While this may seem very obvious, it’s always good to be reminded. You may want to venture off at a new live casino to try something new, but make sure you do your research. To get into more detail, read our casino reviews to see which one is the best fit for you.

Top Live Craps Providers in Ontario

Currently, there’s only Evolution Gaming. The Ontario market offers no other game providers that focus on live dealer craps. When this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know by updating this section.  

Ready to play?

In this game guide, we explain the basics of the live craps and let you know what you need to know to navigate through the gameplay. From basic rules to top tips on how to play, we have it all in one place. 

We’ll let you know when we release more live craps-related content, so in the meantime, make sure you bookmark this review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. You can find it at legalized and regulated online casinos in Ontario.
Yes, because every legal online casino in Ontario has third-party agencies that regularly audit their practices and games.
As of right now, there’s only one: Live Craps.
Yes, they are. From the moment you press play, you get sent to a live studio where the game is happening.
Unfortunately there isn’t a demo mode available for live craps in Ontario?
Evolution Gaming is the number one provider for Live Craps in Ontario.
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