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Cards and Chips on Table

The Legality of Online Casinos in Ontario

Online casinos launched and became legal in Ontario back in April 2022. If you want to make sure you’re playing at a legal and licensed casino, the first thing you’ll need to do is check OntarioCasinos to find its review. Our casino reviews page is the best place to find these reviews, as well as ratings and exclusive info about the casino.

The second thing you need to do is make sure you keep an eye out for the seal of approval from the AGCO and the IGO. By spotting these logos, you’ll know that your online casinos in Ontario are compliant with the rules and regulations of Ontario.

AGCO & IGO Logos

How do we know which online casinos in Ontario are the safest? The sites we review all have secure accounts, responsible gambling programs and data protection policies in place that will ensure a safe experience for all players. 

Did you know?
The AGCO and IGO are responsible for all regulations regarding online casinos and casino games in Ontario!

New to Online Casinos in Ontario? Here’s How to Get Started


First Things First: How You Choose the Right Casino

When a new market opens up in iGaming, players may have some reservations when it comes to choosing an online casino in Ontario. Where to even begin? Well, our casino reviews would be a great place to start.

Online casinos are growing in large numbers, with more and more operators obtaining licenses from iGaming Ontario. So, we’ve made sure to review all of the most popular online casinos so far to enter Ontario.

Explore our reviews for Ontario Casinos

As more and more online casinos become available in Ontario, we write more reviews to keep you updated. You’ll find what to like and not like about these casinos in Ontario, and you can make up your mind from there. Here’s a sneak peek:

Best Overall Ontario Casinos


Our Casino ratings are based on:

If you’re wondering how we get these overall scores, have a look at our criteria below. 

1. Popularity of the casino

Most of the time, players tend to trust the big names a lot more than the new ones. So, we always consider the popularity of the online casino we are reviewing.

Best Ontario Casinos based on our Popularity score

2. Terms & Conditions casino has in place

Terms and conditions are extremely important. This is how players can find out what they need to do to remain safe and secure while playing and learn everything they can about the casino games they’re playing. 

Best Ontario Casinos based on our Terms & Conditions score

3. Usability of their website

Having an online casino Ontario site that is easy to use will always win points. Players will find it easier and have a better playing experience if the site’s usability is excellent. 

Best Ontario Casinos based on our Usability score

4. How good is the casino’s Customer service

Players need to know that if anything happens while they are playing, and can’t find an answer through the FAQ section, that Customer Service is available and ready to help. 

Best Ontario Casinos based on our Customer Service score


Other useful tips to keep in mind

Choose a Casino Ontario

It’s essential that you keep a few other tips in mind while playing at your chosen online casino. This will prove to be useful when you’re trying to improve your game. 

We’ve compiled a list of those useful tips that we highly recommend you consider when playing:

1. Find out which online casinos in Ontario have the best payouts

What do we mean by best payouts? The best payouts are the ones that give players the most winnings when it’s time to cash out. Remember that just because a casino is legal and regulated, doesn’t mean that it has a great payout. 

You can find this out through the Terms and Conditions of the online casino.

2. Pick an online casino in Ontario with a large game selection

The more options you have, the better. You might get bored playing the same thing over and over again, or maybe, you decide you need more of a challenge. A good online casino will offer Ontario players a great selection of high-quality games.

3. Make sure they have a mobile version

This can be through your mobile browser or a mobile casino app. Both are good for playing games, but apps tend to be a bit better.

4. Check out the latest online casinos in Ontario

New online casinos tend to be introduced to the market occasionally, so make sure you take advantage of those new online casinos. Check out what they offer!

Why Play Online?

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of playing online is convenience. You can play anywhere within the province of Ontario and play anytime. That means you can use your phone, laptop or any device you have that can access a browser to play at a mobile casino or an app

Another benefit to playing online is that you have a wide game selection available right at your fingertips. You can scroll through sections of the game library to pick your favourite online casino games. 

Lastly, online casinos in Ontario have more data policies set in place in order to protect players and their personal information. 

Online casinoLand-based casino
Play everywhere
Play anytime
Wide game selection
Did you know?
You can access an online casino through their app (if they have one) or your preferred online browser.

How to Open an Account at an Online Casino in Ontario

Opening an account is one of the simplest things you can do at online casinos in Ontario. The first thing you need to do is go over to the online casino you want to register at and hit the register button

Here’s how to do the whole process step-by-step. Keep in mind that this may vary from one casino to another. 

1. Check the requirements that the casino has

Make sure you check out the age restrictions of the online casino. In Ontario, the age requirement is 19+. You also have to adhere to any location restrictions. If you’re trying to play outside the province, you may not be allowed to play.

2. Visit the registration page

Click the register button on the homepage and that will take you directly to the registration page.

3. Input your personal information

The online casino will ask you to input your personal info like any contact details and more. You may also be asked to provide proof of identity. 

4. Watch out for the verification email or SMS

After you register, you just need to wait for your account to be verified. You can receive this almost instantly or within a few days, depending on the online casino.

What is a No Account Casino?

No Account Casinos are currently not available in Ontario. If this changes, we’ll be sure to update this information. 

Filling Up: How to Make a Deposit

Making a deposit is an important part of your online casino experience. It varies from one casino to another, so you need to check out the terms and conditions very carefully. 

What’s the same for all of them is that you have to head over to the deposit/cashier section of the site to make your deposit. 

Payment methods: What is the Best Option for You?

Different payment methods have different transaction fees, deposit, and withdrawal times and other benefits. Ideally, you should read through our payment methods reviews to find out which one suits you best. Pick one that you’re familiar with or have read about.

4 tips to know when choosing your payment method in Ontario

1. Make sure that the payment method you choose is available worldwide

If you travel and want to make any deposits or withdrawals, you need to know that you can. 

2. Use the same payment method throughout

You can avoid a lot of problems if you use the same payment method for your deposits and withdrawals.

3. Consider any transaction fees

A lot of payment methods will have transaction fees when players make use of them. You can find out more about the fees involved through our reviews and the payment methods’ sites. 

4. Does your online casino provide security protection when doing a transaction?

You can find this out from the Help centre of the casino. All the Ontario casinos we review are secure and safe for Ontario players.

Most Popular Payment Methods in Ontario

Not sure which payment method to pick? Here’s a table of the most popular payment methods you’ll find at online casinos in Ontario.

Payment MethodTypeAverage Deposit TimeAverage Withdrawal Time
VisaCredit / Prepaid / Debit CardInstant1-5 days
MastercardCredit / Prepaid / Debit CardInstant1-5 days
American ExpressCredit / Debit CardInstant1-5 days
InstadebiteWalletInstantUp to 10 days
iDebitInstant BankingInstantInstant
MuchBetterInstant BankingInstantInstant
InteracInstant BankingInstantInstant

Casino Games: Which Games Suit You Best?

So now you have your Ontario casino account set up. What’s next? Choosing your favourite casino games. Ontario has a large selection of casino games you choose from, making it an even more engaging experience for players.

  1. Online Slots
  2. Blackjack Online
  3. Online Roulette
  4. Online Poker
  5. Online Baccarat
  6. Game Shows
  7. Live Dealer or RNG
  8. Online Casino Tournaments
  9. Crash Games


Online slots are the most popular casino game, so you can rest assured that you’ll find plenty of them in the market. 

Online Slots

Online slots are simply slot machines but played online. The best thing about them is that you’ll play using a ton of special features like scatters, multipliers and more. 

  1. 3 Wheel Slots 
  2. 5 Wheel Slots
  3. Fruit Slots
  4. Progressive Jackpot Slots
  5. Megaways Slots
  6. Bonus Buy Slots
  7. Hold and Win Slots
  8. Classic Slots



In online blackjack, you’re playing against the machine rather than the dealer. We recommend reading through all our blackjack guides to start improving your strategies. 

Blackjack is a popular online card game that is played against a dealer (or machine when playing online). Most of the time, the outcome of your blackjack game is determined by the rules of the game.

You can play blackjack because when playing online you can play at any time and anywhere while also playing on multiple seats at the same time. 

The main difference between live dealer blackjack and virtual blackjack is the live dealer element. As we already mentioned, when playing online, you’re playing against a machine. 

Virtual blackjack also uses an RNG system in order to make the experience more like playing live. This ensures that the game is fair for all players.

  1. Double Exposure Blackjack
  2. Blackjack Switch
  3. Double Attack Blackjack
  4. Spanish 21
  5. No Bust 21
  6. Power Blackjack
  7. Doublet Blackjack
  8. Zappit Blackjack
  9. Super Fun 21
  10. Perfect Pairs
  11. Prop Bets



Roulette is another fan favourite in the Ontario market. This popular table game is found at all the online casinos we review, and you’ll be able to try out different variants of it as well. 

Just like all the other Ontario casino games, online roulette is played at an online casino, and it’s considered by many to be better than the usual roulette players at a land-based casino. This is because you get to play using special features that normally wouldn’t be available when playing in real life. 

Not only does roulette require patience, and learning the right strategies to play, but it’s also a game where players can be in the chance to win high rewards. With those high rewards, also come high risks, so make sure you know what you’re doing when playing. 

With a live dealer roulette game, you get to enter an online room with a live dealer ready to lead the game. You may also experience other players in the same game. An RNG roulette game means that you are playing against a machine, with no one else in the game. 

  1. American Roulette
  2. French Roulette
  3. European Roulette
  4. Speed Roulette
  5. 100:1 Roulette
  6. Double Ball Roulette

Poker: Get Your Game Face On


This exciting casino game is another favourite that can be found at so many casinos in Ontario. There are also different variations you can try!

You’ll find two types of online poker: video poker or live poker. The point of the whole game is to get the best hand out of the cards you’ve been dealt. 

Poker is a very good game to try out when playing from home, and you may not have a lot of experience playing. You can take your time trying out new strategies to figure out what’s best for you. 

Just like we mentioned with the rest of the online casino games, the main difference between these types of games is that one is played with a live dealer and the other isn’t. 

  1. Texas Hold’em
  2. Omaha
  3. 7-card Stud
  4. Five Card Draw

Baccarat: The James Bond Experience

baccarat online casino ontario

This classic casino game, seen in movies like James Bond, is definitely one to try. 

In this game, players are playing against the dealer and the main purpose is to get a hand with a value that is the closest to 10. The player and the dealer are given two cards, and the third is dealt to the player if their hand has a value of less than 5. 

Playing baccarat online means that you can play whenever you want, wherever you want. It also means that you can play multiple seats at the same time. 

Much like what we already know about other online casino games, the main difference is the live dealer element.

  1. Speed Baccarat
  2. Baccarat Control Squeeze
  3. Dragon Tiger Baccarat
  4. No commission Baccarat

Game Shows: Are They Really Worth the Hype?

Game Shows Banner

We’ve seen game shows on TV, but what about online casinos? Are they just as fun and engaging? Of course, they are! You’ll probably recognize a few popular names as well, like Deal or No Deal!

Game shows are casino games that are essentially spin-offs of popular TV shows and board games like monopoly live. This type of casino game isn’t too popular, but you will find game shows at Ontario online casinos that support live casino games. 

Live Dealer Casino or RNG?

This totally depends on what you prefer as a player. There are a few differences between the two, so have a look at this table to figure out what’s best for you.

Live dealer tablesRNG games
Live Dealer
Higher Wagers
Casino Studio

Popular Live Dealer Games

As you can see, live dealer games are popular for a reason, but which games are the most popular? Although you’ll find many options to play, these are the player-favourites: 

  1. Live Roulette
  2. Live Baccarat
  3. Live Blackjack

Here are some more:

Live Casino Games with the best RTP
Top Live Casino Games with High RTP

Feeling Competitive? Partake in Online Casino Tournaments

Sometimes, you can find yourself wanting to be a little bit more competitive when playing. This is why certain online casinos will hold tournaments! Mostly you’ll find tournaments for poker and online slots, but don’t worry, you’ll find tournaments for other casino games as well. 

Did you know?
When entering a tournament, make sure you read through the terms and conditions very carefully. 

How to Withdraw Your Money

Time to make a withdrawal! Check out our simple step-by-step guide below on how to withdraw your money from an online casino in Ontario.

  1. Be aware of any withdrawal limits set by the online casino.
  2. If you don’t withdraw your winnings by a certain time frame, you may be at risk of losing them. Make sure you know what this time limit is. 
  3. You may also be restricted from withdrawing too much money. Online casinos may sometimes set a limit as to how much you can withdraw. 
  4. Once you’ve done everything on this list, you can go to the cashier section and start withdrawing money. 

What to Do If You Encounter Any Problems at an Online Casino

Even though the Ontario casinos we review have excellent help centres you can look through, you need to know that customer support is there for you. Ideally, customer support would be available 24/7 and would have several modes of contact. 

Most used methods of contacting customer support:

ProsAverage Answer Time
Email1. Free
2. Timely responses
3. Good for complicated responses
Phone1. Talking to a human being
2. No typing is necessary
3. Perfect for when you’re on the go
15 mins
Live chat1. Writing to a human being
2. Very efficient
3. Free
1-10 mins
247 Support

Other ways to reach for help:

The FAQ section may have your questions already answered.

Social media can be the answer to your questions. It’s very easy to contact your online casino through a social media channel.

If you want to go old school, consider writing an actual letter. Online casinos still accept physical mail!

Check what other players are saying and how they solved their online casino queries. You may learn something new. 

What if customer support can’t help with my request?

If for some reason, customer support can’t help with your request, you have every right to submit a complaint. Any credible online casino will have a section on its site that allows you to share your complaint. 

Small Tips: Big Improvements

  1. Pick the right games – Not every player will be good at every casino game, so to improve your chances, make sure you choose the right game for you.
  2. Read our reviews – If you get into our reviews, you’ll start learning what to do and what not to do. You’ll also be aware of what to watch out for. 
  3. Practice with free games – Playing free games will help you practice to improve your strategies and skills. 

Learn what RTP is

Return To Player, or RTP, is the percentage of the wagered money that players get back from playing. Ideally, players pick games with a high RTP so that they can get back more money. A high RTP percentage would be 96% or higher

Maximum RTP Ontario
Maximum RTP for Casino Games

Games with the Highest RTP

GameAvg RTPPros
Blackjack99%If you master this strategy, you can get the house edge to 99% in some variants
Baccarat98%European baccarat has the highest RTP
Roulette95%Different roulette variants have different RTP values
Slots90% – 98%Certain slots have special features that may boost the RTP

Learn what Volatility is

Essentially, volatility is the level of risk of losing a bet. Depending on the level of volatility, you can figure out what to expect and what are your chances of winning. If it’s a high level of volatility, there may be a higher chance of losing. 

Learn what House Edge is

Simply put, the house edge is the percentage of profit that the online casino makes on each game. When you have a low house edge, that means the online casino will only make a small profit. The higher the house edge is, the more profit they’ll make off of your wager. Make sure you try to pick games with a lower house edge. 

Game Providers: Here’s Who’s Responsible for the Games

Game providers are responsible for designing and developing the online casino games you play. You’ll find a variety of games at your Ontario casino, and all of them are thanks to the best game providers in the market.

Who Provides the Best Slots?

Different game providers are known for different special features, themes, RTPs and quality of games.

Game providers that provide blue
Top Game Providers in Ontario
  1. Microgaming
  2. Play’n GO
  3. Pragmatic Play
  4. Blueprint Gaming
  5. Playtech
  6. NetEnt
  7. Big Time Gaming 
  8. Yggdrasil
  9. Red Tiger

Rare Gems of Live Casino Games

As we already mentioned, Live Casino games are an absolute hit! Here are some of the popular ones.

Best Providers for Baccarat

If you’re looking for the best Baccarat live casino games, look no further than Evolution

Who’s Behind the Best Live Roulette Tables?

Once again, Evolution holds the crown for the best live roulette tables. You’ll find so many different variants to play that you’ll never be bored.

The Names Behind the Best Live Blackjack Tables

This may sound repetitive, but it is what it is. Evolution is the best game provider when it comes to live blackjack tables.

Who’s Delivering the Best Game Shows?

This is a toss between Evolution and Playtech. Both offer some good options for those who enjoy playing casino game shows!

Play Responsibly

The most important thing about your online casino Ontario experience should be playing responsibly. Our responsible gambling page has everything you need to know about how to play responsibly. It will also provide you with the necessary information and resources you need to help yourself and your loved ones who may have a problem. 


Now that you’ve read through this whole page, we think you’re ready to play. You have enough knowledge to get started and gain that experience. Make sure you visit all the pages we’ve mentioned to get even more information. 

Bookmark this page to remain updated on all things online casinos in Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are legalized and regulated by the AGCO and the IGO. This happened in April 2022, in an effort to limit offshore gambling in the province.
Finding the best online casino in Ontario depends on what you're looking for. Each Ontario casino has something to offer, from exclusive games, 24/7 support, or a favourite payment method. You can check out our reviews to get the full picture before signing up for an online casino in Ontario.
There are over 50 online casinos in Ontario, with more casino operators planning to launch in the province by the end of the year.
Yes, you can access bet365 Ontario as long as you are in the province. bet365 was one of the first online casinos to go live in Ontario, promoting both a casino and sports betting site.
Out of the 50+ online casinos in Ontario, a few of the big names include BetMGM, LeoVegas, BetRivers, Unibet, and bet365.

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Ontario Superior Court Rules that iGO’s Practices are Consistent with Criminal Code 


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AGCO Study Finds that Regulated Gaming Sites are the Choice for 86% of Ontario’s Online Players

AGCO Study Finds that Regulated Gaming Sites are the Choice for 86% of Ontario’s Online Players


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