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Slayers Inc. Symbols and Payouts

Our Slayers Inc. review will begin with a quick rundown of the game’s basics: symbols, paylines, payouts, RTP and volatility, maximum win amount, and autoplay functions.

Game Symbols

There are 10 main symbols used in the core Slayers Inc. game. They include 5 Character symbols: a Red Demon, a Purple Slayer, a Yellow Slayer, a Skull, and a Shuriken. These symbols are complemented by 5 Graffiti symbols: purple, green, pink, blue, and turquoise. There are also additional feature symbols – a ‘W’, ‘VS’, ‘FS’, and ‘Best of Bonus’ – which we’ll cover below in the Special Features section.

Number of Paylines

Slayers Inc. comes with 14 fixed paylines across a 5-reel by 4-row board. Symbols payout when at least 3 adjacent symbols running from left to right land along the paylines. It’s a pretty basic gameplay that new players can pick up easily.


The Red Demon symbol pays out the most, followed by the Purple and Yellow Slayer symbols, which pay the same amounts. The Skull and Shuriken payout the same amount as well, as do all of the Graffiti symbols, the lowest paying symbols in Slayers Inc. The feature W and VS symbols also payout the same amount as the Red Demon, but only when they hit on all 5 reels.

Min/Max bet

The minimum bet for Slayers Inc. is $0.10, and its maximum bet is $100. This is pretty standard and a reasonable range appealing to most. We think it could up the max bet a bit to open that range more, but the current range is ultimately fine.

RTP and Volatility

Slayers Inc. arrives with an RTP of 96.28%, which is an above-average RTP. Players should note that the RTP changes when taking advantage of the game’s Bonus Buy feature (depending on the Bonus Buy, the RTP can change to 96.26%, 96.29%, 96. 3%, 96.33%, or 96.38%). Winning will require patience in this game with high volatility, but the payouts can be large when patient players hit.

Maximum Win

Players Inc. has a maximum win amount of 15,000x the bet. This is a good, solid amount and an above-average max win total.


Slayers Inc. has a quality autoplay function, giving players a good flexibility over its controls. The autoplay function is set by clicking the Autoplay button to the right of the Spin button. This opens a menu where players can:

  • Set the number of autospins to preset amounts (10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 500, and 1000).
  • Tell the game to stop the autoplay if a special feature is hit.
  • Set a Loss Limit, stopping the autoplay if the player’s total losses during the autoplay round reach a specified amount.
  • Set a Single Win Limit, stopping the autoplay if a spin’s win total is of a specified amount.

Slayers Inc. slot Special Features

slayers inc special features - ontario casinos

Slayers Inc. is packed with special features. Hacksaw Gaming jammed Wilds, Slayer DuelReels, Scatters, the “Rise of the Syndicate,” “Wild Slayers,” and “One Slayer to Slay Them All” features, Best of Bonus, and Bonus Buys into the game, and we will detail them all in our Slayers Inc. review here.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol in Slayers Inc. is a ‘W.’ It can stand for any of the game’s core symbols to complete paylines. The Wild symbol itself has a payout, as we stated above, which is equivalent to the Red Demon’s amount at the highest end of the game’s payout scale. It only pays out with 5 adjacent Wild symbols, though.

Slayer DuelReels

The Slayer DuelReels is a feature Hacksaw Gaming first introduced to the igaming world with their Wanted Dead or a Wild game. In Slayers Inc., the VS symbol acts as a type of Scatter symbol: if it appears anywhere, it expands across the 4 rows of the entire reel it lands. This sets up a duel upon the reel, where 2 Slayers, each representing a certain random multiplier (between 2x and 500x), go to battle.

The winning Slayer’s multiplier is then applied to all symbols across the reel, and they subsequently become Wild. If those Wilds complete any paylines, they are paid out with the Multiplier applied. If VS symbols land on multiple reels on the same spin, then the winning Multipliers are combined for any payline wins.

Like the Wild, the VS symbol pays the highest amount if it completes any paylines (across all 5 reels). VS symbols landing on every reel will turn the entire board Wild and payout every payline with all winning Multipliers from the Duels applied for a huge payout.

Scatter symbol

While the VS symbol acts as a Scatter, the game’s Scatter symbol is in fact an ‘FS’. This FS symbol activates various special features when enough of them land on the same spin:

The Rise of the Syndicate feature

When 3 FS symbols appear anywhere on the board at the same time, this activates the Rise of the Syndicate feature, which is a Free Bonus Spins round. The Rise of the Syndicate provides players with an initial 10 free bonus spins, but adds two more if 2 FS symbols appear on any spins during the round, or four more free bonus spins if 3 FS symbols appear. Additionally, during the Rise of the Syndicate, VS symbols become more common, increasing the possibility of activating the DuelReels feature.

The Wild Slayers feature

If players hit 4 FS symbols, then the Wild Slayers feature is activated. This feature acts in the same way as the Rise of the Syndicate (10 free bonus spins et al.), but adds the possibility of triggering the Slicer mechanic: if a VS symbol lands, then it may turn an entire row Wild along with the usual reel of Wilds. Like the Rise of the Syndicate, VS symbols are more prevalent during this feature as well.

The One Slayer to Slay Them All feature

When a rarely-seen 5 FS symbols land on a single spin, then the One Slayer to Slay Them All feature is activated. This works exactly like the Wild Slayers feature, but this time VS symbols, activating both the DuelReels and Slicer mechanics, are guaranteed to hit on every spin.

Best of Bonus Scatter symbol

There is an additional Best of Bonus Scatter symbol that activates a corresponding ‘Best of’ feature round, depending on the number of FS symbols that land on the same spin:

  • 3 FS and a Best of Bonus symbol activate the Best of Rise of the Syndicate;
  • 4 FS and a Best of Bonus activate the Best of Wild Slayers and
  • 3 FS and a Best of Bonus activated the Best of One Slayer to Slay Them All.

These Best of rounds give players 3 opportunities at the feature round (30 spins), counting only the best result from the 3 chances, awarding whichever round produced the highest score.

Bonus Buy

Slayers Inc. provides players with a thorough Bonus Buy menu, where players can buy some of the special bonus features rather than wait to hit them during regular play. This is when the game’s RTP amounts change when players opt for one of the game’s Bonus Buys:

  • The Bonus Hunt Feature Spins Bonus Buy costs 3x the bet, increasing the odds of activating a bonus by 5 times (96.28% RTP).
  • The Duo Duel Feature Spins Bonus Buy costs 60x the bet for a guaranteed minimum of 2 VS symbols on every spin (96.33% RTP).
  • The Trouble Trio Feature Spins Bonus Buy costs 110x the bet for a guaranteed minimum of 3 VS symbols on every spin (96.30% RTP).
  • The Rise of the Syndicate Bonus Buy costs 100x the bet to activate the Rise of the Syndicate feature (96.38% RTP).
  • The Wild Slayers Bonus Buy costs 200x the bet to activate the Wild Slayers feature (96.28% RTP).
  • The Best of Rise of the Syndicate Bonus Buy costs 200x the bet to activate the Best of Rise of the Syndicate feature (96.29% RTP).
  • The Best of Wild Slayers Bonus Buy costs 400x the bet to activate the Best of Wild Slayers feature (96.26% RTP).

While this is a great list of Bonus Buys for players to take advantage of, we still miss being unable to buy the One Slayer to Slay Them All feature or a ‘Best of’ version of that feature.

Slayers Inc. Graphics and Sound

Hacksaw Gaming is known for its aesthetics and artful animations, and Slayers Inc. only bolsters that reputation with a rugged, industrial skin featuring ever-active Slayer characters on either side of the reels. Symbols are well-detailed, and the animations are smooth. The music adds a melodic and relaxing atmosphere with the calm plucking of a koto, contrasted by eerie sound effects such as a sword slashing through the air. The constant white noise of a city remains muffled at all times, deepening the soundscape. More swords are heard during fights when the DuelReels feature is hit. To intensify the dynamics at the right moments, upbeat electronic music takes over when features like Wild Slayers are activated. The entire feel is consistent, and really immerses players in the dystopian underworld the game is set. The graphics and sound definitely receive a high grade in our Slayers Inc. review.

Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicRelaxing, koto; cyberpunk electro
Special featuresWild SymbolSlayer DuelReels mechanicsScatter SymbolMultipliersBonus Spins
Slicer mechanicsBest of FeaturesBonus Buys

Slayers Inc. Mobile Experience

The mobile version of Slayers Inc. sees the game make a seamless transition to other devices. While the two slayer characters that bookend the reels on the desktop are moved above the reels on the mobile version and no longer make as many movements, the game operates identically to the desktop version otherwise. For players who prefer to play on a mobile device, Hacksaw Gaming has delivered with Slayers Inc.

Slayers Inc. Pros and Cons

Let’s now turn our Slayers Inc. review to the overall pros and cons of the game. The features are enjoyable, graphics excellent, and theme is exciting, but Slayers Inc. also has a few places where we see room for improvement:

✔️ Exciting theme✖️ High volatility
✔️ Incredible graphics and sound✖️ Max bet could be higher
✔️ High RTP✖️ Bonus Buys are expensive
✔️ High max win amount✖️ No progressive jackpots
✔️ Wild symbol 
✔️ DuelReels mechanic 
✔️ Scatter symbol 
✔️ Multipliers 
✔️ Slicer mechanics 
✔️ Free bonus spins 
✔️ Excellent mobile experience 

Best Online Casinos to Play Slayers Inc. in Ontario

Slayers Inc. is offered at any Ontario casinos that offers Hacksaw Gaming slots. We think that the following online casinos are some of the best online casinos in Ontario that offer Slayers Inc.:

  1. Lucky Days
  2. LeoVegas
  3. Slots Magic

Solutions if You Have Issues With Slayers Inc.

If players face issues or problems with Slayers Inc., these are the most common solutions:

  1. If the game disconnects, Slayers Inc. will resume where it was previously when players restart the game. Any results from the last round will be displayed only if the round was a winning round.
    👉 Completed games can always be viewed in Game History.
  2. Any unfinished games will remain paused until players complete the game or until the game is made void after one day of inactivity, at which point any bets will be returned to the player’s casino account.
  3. Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  4. If you have any issues other than these, please contact the Slayers Inc. customer support team.

A Darkly Beautiful Casino Game with Engaging Features and a lot of Excitement

The look of Slayers Inc. is fantastic. It’s smooth, crisp, aesthetically pleasing, and draws players into the dark world Hacksaw Gaming intends to create with the cyberpunk theme. The DuelReels mechanics is an awesome device that is used perfectly here, helping to build the game’s excitement. The new Slicer mechanics add a whole other level to that excitement as well. These features, along with the Wild, Scatter activations, and Bonus Buy opportunities, add to an incredibly engaging game that is a lot of fun to play and a great addition to the Ontario market.

The above-average RTP and high maximum win amount only support a very positive 8.9 out of 10 grade to conclude our Slayers Inc. review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The theoretical RTP of Slayers Inc is 96.28%, which is on the higher end of the RTP scale, above the average. As we explain above though, the RTP for Slayers Inc. can change when you purchase any of the Bonus Buys.
Slayers Inc is a Hacksaw Gaming slot. They are a newer provider, founded in 2018, and are known to produce cutting-edge designs and unique aesthetics that create memorable experiences for players. Hacksaw Gaming has games in all major markets, including favourites like Wanted Dead or a Wild and Outlaws Inc.
Yes, Slayers Inc. can be played for free on the Hacksaw Gaming website, where they have a demo version.
Slayers Inc. can be played at all of the best online casinos in Ontario where Hacksaw Gaming games are available. Visit our Casino Page for an extensive list of reviews of all the best online casinos Ontario offers.
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