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Hyper Gold All In Review

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Hyper Gold All In Symbols and Payouts

We’ll begin our Hyper Gold All In review with a rundown of the basics: symbols, paylines, payouts, RTP and volatility, maximum win amount, and autoplay functions.

Game Symbols

Hyper Gold All In consists of 11 core symbols: the Star, Dollar Signs, Gold Bars, Gold Bar with Coins, and Gold Coins, along with the traditional playing cards of A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. There are 2 feature symbols— a Scatter and a Wild, which we will cover in greater detail below.

Number of Paylines

Hyper Gold All In operates on a basic 5 reels by 3 rows board with 20 fixed paylines. Symbols payout with adjacent symbols running from left to right along the paylines. It’s a straightforward gameplay that can appeal to all player types, and one the newest players can pick up easily.


The Star symbol is the highest paying Symbol, followed by the Dollar Signs, and then the Gold Bar with Coins and Gold Coins symbols payout equal amounts. Finally, the playing cards payout from highest to lowest in this order: A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. The Star, Dollar Signs, and number 9 playing card payout with only 2 adjacent symbols, whereas all other symbols require at least 3 adjacent symbols to win. Giving the least valuable symbol (the 9) the added value of hitting on only the first two reels is something we always like games to offer.

Min/Max bet

We would like a wider bet range with Hyper Gold All In. The minimum bet is on the higher end a $0.20, and the maximum bet is on the lower end at $60. They could widen that range to increase the appeal to smaller betters and large bankrolls, even if the range the game is in is pretty much within the sweet spot for the majority of players.

RTP and Volatility

The theoretical RTP of Hyper Gold All In is 96%, which is above the average. The game also has a high volatility, making it a game of patience for the player. We can confirm that it took us almost 300 spins before we were awarded the bonus feature (we did, though, hit it a second time within the following 50 spins). When the bonus feature did hit, Hyper Gold All In paid nicely for us.

Maximum Win

The maximum win amount for Hyper Gold All In is 4,000x the bet, which is a reasonably modest amount.


The Autoplay function of Hyper Gold All In is simple to use, offering players the possibility of setting 10, 25, 50, or 100 auto-spins at any bet amount within the min/max bet range. If a feature is activated during autoplay, it will come to a stop, allowing the player to begin the feature round manually.

Hyper Gold All In Slot Special Features

hper gold all in special features - ontario casinos

Hyper Gold All In is a game that has a lot of bonuses, all being collected and saved for the main feature. The game hooks players in because, as the bonuses build up, the player is on the edge of their seat in anticipation of a possible feature paying them out in dramatic fashion. As our Hyper Gold All In review will explain, the bonuses and feature all come down to the game’s Scatter symbol.

Scatter symbol

Hyper Gold All In’s Scatter symbol is a token with a rocket on it that appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 only, and only during the base game. The rocket blasts off and is added to a larger, feature rocket to the left of the reels that builds in power the more Scatter symbols (with rockets) appear. The Scatter symbol also, randomly, acts as the trigger for the Bonus Feature round.

The Scatter symbol can come with a Bonus Enhancer Token as well, which improves the bonuses awarded during the game’s feature round. These are collected throughout the base game, progressively improving the bonus until the feature round is activated. Once the feature round is complete, the Bonus Enhancer totals reset. There are 3 types of Bonus Enhancer Tokens:

Bonus Prize Token

Players begin the base game with 1 and 3 Bonus Prizes awarded in the feature round. When Scatter symbols appear with a Bonus Prize Token, a Bonus Prize is added to the total. Up to 9 additional Bonus Prizes can be saved, and, subsequently, a maximum of 12 Bonus Prizes can be saved for the feature round (but, as we will see below, more Bonus Prizes can be won during the feature round itself).

Bonus Multiplier Token

Scatter symbols can also appear with a Bonus Multiplier Token. Players begin the game with either a 1.5x or 2x Bonus Multiplier, which can add the Multiplier to Bonus Prizes when they are awarded during the feature round. Bonus Multiplier Tokens add another 0.5x to the Bonus Multiplier total. Up to 17 Bonus Multiplier Tokens can be collected for a max 10x Bonus Multiplier.

Bonus Spins Token

Players begin the game with 4 or 5 Bonus Spins banked for the feature round. Scatter symbols can appear with a Bonus Spins Token, which adds another Bonus Spin for the feature round. Up to 12 Bonus Spin Tokens can be collected.

The Hyper Gold All-In Bonus Feature

Hyper Gold All In’s Bonus Feature can be triggered at any point during the base game, as we said above, by a Scatter appearing on the board. The large feature rocket to the left of the reels will “go off,” activating the Bonus Feature round and triggering all of the collected Bonus Enhancers.

The Bonus Feature board

When activated, the Bonus Feature creates a 5×5 grid of Bonus Tiles. Each Bonus Spin spins the tiles, randomly flipping over one of them to reveal a Bonus Prize. Bonus Prizes can be added randomly during any Bonus Spin to bring the player’s total Bonus Prizes for the round up to a maximum of 20. Prizes fix the winning Bonus Tile in place, with only the remaining tiles spinning for subsequent Bonus Spins.

The Bonus Feature prizes

Every Bonus Prize is a Cash Prize to which the player’s Bonus Multiplier can be applied. The Bonus Multiplier can be applied up to 12 times during the feature round and is done so only at random. Winnings are collected and awarded at the end of the Bonus Feature, which cannot be reactivated.

Moreover, depending on the number of Bonus Prizes the player used during Hyper Gold All In’s Bonus Feature round, additional Cash Prizes may be awarded at the conclusion of it:

  • 1,000x the bet for 20 Bonus Prizes.
  • 50x the bet for 18 Bonus Prizes.
  • 30x the bet for 15 Bonus Prizes.
  • 15x the bet for 10 Bonus Prizes.
  • 5x the bet for 5 Bonus Prizes.

Wild Symbols

While Hyper Gold All In’s Bonus feature keeps players on the edge of their seats in anticipation, the game does feature a Wild symbol that adds excitement to the base game, where it only appears. As is usual, the Wild can substitute for all symbols, apart from Scatters, to complete paylines, but with Hyper Gold All In, it can also appear stacked on the reels and always adds a 2x multiplier to any wins. On top of all that, a full screen of Wilds will activate the Wild Blackout feature.

Wild Blackout feature

If Wild symbols fill every reel on the board, they create a Wild Blackout. This feature immediately awards all 20 paylines plus an additional 4,000x the bet Wild Blackout prize for a massive payout.

Hyper Gold All In Graphics and Sound

Shifting our Hyper Gold All In review towards the graphics and sound, the game wins big time here. Bright colors and flashing lights highlight the visuals, including enjoyable 3D animations, such as rockets firing across the screen. The reels float above a curved, pixelated screen, and the game’s logo rotates on and off. A mega, Hyper Gold All In rocket sits in wait to the left of the reels. A calm, percussive piano groove creates an atmosphere for the game’s amusing and contrasting sound effects: the loud whizzing of blasting rockets or an announcer encouraging players with one-liners like “Go for the gold!” whenever larger wins are awarded. The Hyper Gold All In graphics and sound work very well overall, and add greatly to the enjoyment the game brings. 

Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicCalming, percussive groove
Special featuresScatter SymbolMultipliersBonus SpinsWild SymbolWild Blackout

Hyper Gold All In Mobile Experience

On the mobile version of Hyper Gold All In, the mega rocket is shifted to above the reels (on the portrait/vertical view) and players have the ability to move the Spin button left or right to accommodate better positioning for one-handed mobile play. Microgaming has done a good job to make the game work identically otherwise, although we could not find how to use the double-speed option that was available on the desktop version.

Hyper Gold All In Pros and Cons

Our Hyper Gold All In review sees a game with a good RTP, enjoyable features, exciting graphics and sound, and other definite pros. The review also sees some cons, though. Here are the most important pros and cons we found with Hyper Gold All In:

Excellent graphics and sound High volatility
High RTP Min bet could be lower
Scatter symbol Max bet could be higher
Multipliers No progressive jackpots
Hyper Gold All In feature round 
Wild symbol 
Wild Blackout Bonus 
Great mobile experience 

Best Online Casinos to Hyper Gold All In in Ontario

Any Ontario casino that offers Microgaming games will offer Hyper Gold All In, but these are some of the best Ontario casinos currently offering the game:

  1. LeoVegas
  2. BetMGM
  3. OLG Casino

Solutions if you have issues with Hyper Gold All In

The most common issues players face playing Hyper Gold All In include the following remedies:

  1. Game disconnection: if the game disconnects, reload the game, and it will return to its final game state.
  2. Game disconnection during a play: if the game’s request does not reach the server before the game disconnects, the result from the previous game state is displayed upon return. Any in progress bonus features that require interaction or selection will be resumed.
  3. Please note that malfunctions void all pays and plays.
  4. If you have problems beyond these, please get in touch with Hyper Gold All In’s customer support.

Appealing Fun and Irresistible Bonuses in this Captivating Ontario Casino Game

Microgaming has a game that can be absolutely loved by new players with Hyper Gold All In. The simple gameplay, vibrant images, and sound are entertainingly fun and appealing. The Bonus Enhancers that collect as the mega rocket builds in power is an excellent device for hooking players into the game: do players want the Bonus Feature to hit or for the Bonus Enhancers to collect to greater heights before the feature does hit? This question keeps players hyper-engaged and dedicated to the game. We expect experienced players will want something more complex or something with a greater max win amount, but like any player who tries Hyper Gold All In, they too can get hooked by the allure of the Bonus Feature.

It’s not perfect by any stretch, but it does pack some explosive fun, which is why our Hyper Gold All In review concludes with an 8.3 out of 10 for Microgaming’s latest Hyper game.

Frequently Asked Questions

The theoretical RTP of Hyper Gold All In is 96%. This amount is above the average RTP, on the higher end of the RTP spectrum.
The maximum bet amount an Ontario player can place is $60, and the maximum they can win is 4,000x their bet.
Hyper Gold All In is a Microgaming game. Founded in 1994, Microgaming is an industry-leading game provider and one of the most experienced companies in the igaming industry. They are known for quality games, exciting features, and big jackpots. Microgaming’s games are available in all major, regulated markets. They offer some of the most beloved game brands, such as Mega Moolah and Tomb Raider.
Yes, Hyper Gold All In has an available demo version that can be played for free.
Players can find all of the best online casinos Ontario has to offer, including the best online casinos in Ontario where Microgaming games like Hyper Gold All In are available, on our visit our Casino Page.
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