Streamers Campaign: Where Slot Tracker & The Slot Beasts Meet

Once upon a time, there was Slot Tracker, our partner app that tracks all things slots, and there was The Slot Beasts, a group of top-tier streamers. Now, we bring you their new partnership that’s happening over Twitch this May

Slot Tracker will be taking over Twitch along with The Slot Beasts to bring Ontario players special prizes if they’re registered on Slot Tracker. All you have to do is make sure you track a minimum of 500 spins from any Ontario online slot. You can do this from right now up until the 31st of May, 2023. And guess what… it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be in the chance to win Amazon Vouchers worth up to €500 (≈$732)!

A Deep Dive On What To Expect From Slot Tracker

Alright, so what does Slot Tracker really do? It tracks all of your slot activity, including RTP, hit rate, and bonus frequency. After this activity is collected, it is added to the existing data that was gathered from thousands of slots found at your favourite online casinos.

When registering for an account with Slot Tracker, you’re opening up your world to tons and tons of information about your favourite slots, and you’ll be in the chance to learn more about new games and online casinos before you even have to play them or register for an account. 

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There are two ways in which you can access Slot Tracker. 

  1. You can either install Slot Tracker through the Google Play Store, or you can install it as an extension through the Chrome Web Store.
  2. You can access it through the console, which reflects more in-depth data about your slots and online casinos. 

If you want to witness how it works live, you can watch the legendary group, The Slot Beasts, use it in all its glory. You’ll be watching Wim and Joey, award-winning streamers part of the group, who have recently won Marketing Campaign of the Year at the IGB Affiliate Award 2023.

Slot Tracker’s Content Marketing Strategist, Victoria Buttigieg, shared her thoughts on this partnership. 

“It’s exciting to see this collaboration come to life. We’re eager to see Slot Tracker live in action on The Slot Beasts stream and reach a whole new audience of avid slot fans.”

Slot Tracker & The Slot Beasts Logo Ontario

The Who, When and Where 

You can watch the iconic Wim and Joey 6 times every week, and each stream lasts around three hours. So, there’s a lot to watch, and you can truly experience how Slot Tracker works. The streams are English, with a little Dutch sprinkled throughout the dialogue to make it interesting. 

If you’re new to the pair and want to know more about the games they share with their followers, here’s a list of some of the game providers they gravitate towards.

  1. NetEnt
  2. Microgaming
  3. Red Tiger
  4. Play’n GO
  5. IGT
  6. BTG
  7. Blueprint
  8. Push Gaming
  9. Pragmatic Play
  10. Relax Gaming
  11. Nolimit City

Here’s what one of Slot Tracker’s Product Owners, Aidan Tanti said about this new venture.

“Collaborating with streamers has been a top priority for the Slot Tracker team for a while now. We believe it’s the best way to showcase our real-time slot tracking tool to a whole new audience. We’re grateful to be working with The Slot Beats and are eager to see the results of this collaboration.”

The Slot Tracker Prize Giveaway

It’s time for the juicy part of this whole collaboration. Ontario players can win up to €500 (≈$732) worth of Amazon vouchers. They will be awarded to multiplier winners, and here’s how.

  1. €200 in vouchers to be won randomly in guessing competitions.
  2. Two €100 vouchers for the highest and lowest RTP out of all slots that are tracked.
  3. €100 voucher for the player who hits the biggest multiplier on any slot.

Before entering this giveaway, here are the terms and conditions you need to follow.

  1. Players must be 19 or over the age of 19 to play in Ontario, Canada.
  2. Players must have an account and be verified on Slot Tracker. 
  3. Players must rack up 500 spins from now until the 31st of May, 23.59 P.M CET.

All winners will be contacted by the Slot Tracker team through the email address they used to register. The Slot Beasts will also announce the winners using their username(s) live during the stream!

Head Over To Slot Tracker Today

Using Slot Tracker will allow you to look through thousands of slots and online casinos in the market and worldwide. What more could you ask for? All you have to do is install the app and register to start your Slot Tracker journey. Remember, you can use Slot Tracker on your mobile! Just download it from the Google Play Store.

Head over to The Slot Beasts’ live streams and enter that phenomenal giveaway!

…The End!

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